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Day 3 in Japan – Wednesday

The pictures from today are without any “action” becasue the day started with a well deserved lie-in 😉 Not for so long but still well needed after yesterdays time in the garage when the front wheel hubs was installed/modified. We worked with them until it was pitch dark outside and the only light we had was the one from our headlamp.

After breakfast we made a time plan for the day and then headed to the track. We finished the last work on the wheel hubs, Mikael and Tony was very satisfied with the ammount of steering – looks promising!

We also installed the Ksport Racing hydraulic handbrake.

It gets dark very fast over here and when there was only 30 minutes left on the track for today we speeded up things so that Mikael could at least try the modifications done to the car and everything worked fine!

We aspent some time putting on the team-stickers/partners to achieve the correct “look”, it also adds probably around 10hp with the stickers on 😉

After all its a “racer”, not a ” ebisu missile”, not yet atleast…

When we are talking about “ebisu missiles”, one driver managed to drive over the skidpad and over the “wall of dirt” and down the hill. A crane truck was needed to pull the car back up but when it still looked pretty ok after what it has been through, as far as I could see it was mainly the intercooler/piping that had been damaged.

We finished the day off with a japaneese dinner and ice cold “Asahi”. Everybody was happy with the day and tomorrow we plan to be at the track early in the morning so that Mikael and Tony can start to get familiar with the track and the car.

I am hoping for some good action shots after spending a day at the garage, and Jocke is probably hoping for a day without mechanical troubles so that he can spend the time watching some great drifting instead of laying under the car!

Best regards

Göran Röjhagen, Photographer (Deltaphoto.se)

Raidopower Motorsport

Ebisu Circuit, Japan

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