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Day 2 in Japan – Tuesday

Finally it was time for everybody to go to Ebisu Circuit and meet up with Andy from Powervehicles, and also to pickup and see the Siliva S13 “IRL” for the first time.

After a short test round and some photos it was time to start and modify the car a little, installing the wheel hub knuckles and Ksport racing hydraulic handbrake that we brought with us from Sweden. Mikael checked the oil and also looked of there was any leaks etc but everything looked fine. It started to rain pretty much so it was not possible to install the stickers onto the car this day.

After the first day being very warm and nice, we were convinced that the weather would be good today also.

At first only a few raindrops hit the windshield, but then it started…Everything from jacket to underpants were soaking wet – nice!

We still managed to drive a few rounds in the rain and the car felt really nice,and WOW what a nice drifting complex this is, Ebisu Circuit is by far the best drifting track we have visited, not that I´m surprised really…

We ended the day at the track by listening to the CD that had been left in the car by the previous owner (yes, the car still has a cd-player), a japaneese “Best Hits”-album, just to get in the right mood. I mean sitting in a drifting car at ebisu circuit in japan listening to japaneese music and eating japaneese fast food from 7-11, what could be better? A dream come true for sure!

During the late afternoon we also received our rental car, as we are living about 10km from the track its very nice to be able to have our own transportation. And also at the track with its many different tracks and steep hills.

Now we need to go to sleep, still jet-lagged and haven´t slept many hours during the last days..

Best regards

Mikael Svensson, Raidopower Motorsport

Foto: Göran Röjhagen, Deltaphoto.se

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