Swedish Powerdrift Series #5 Gröndal – Quick Report

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Perfect day for drifting – nice weather and good ammount of spectators!

Tokan missed out on most of the training due to technical problems, once they were solved he was ready to rock!
During the qualifications for Top8 (2 single runs per driver) Tokan made a pretty good first run and recieved 236/300 points, for sure good enough to enter the Top8.
However in the second run Tokan accidentially made a spin in the second corner and the car went backwards into the fence = 0 points, and leaving some damage to the car (that could be fixed).
Same thing happened to driver Johan Halvarsson – he made a spin = 0 points.
The best 2 drivers of the series now only had 1 run with points, compared to most of the other drivers that had points from 2 runs (run 1 + run 2 = total qualification score).
In the pit the drivers/crew didn´t know their qualifaction score so it was uncertain wich drivers that had made it to the top8. Would both top drivers of the series end outside top8?…

Finally the results came: Halvarsson barely made it, but he made it as the last qualifier (8th). Tokan ended up at 9th place = just out of Top8….
Halvarsson then won this competition and for the first time during 2012 Tokan lost the leader position and slipped down to 2nd place overall in Swedish Powerdrift Series 2012, with only one competition left to go.

Small mistakes can have a huge effect – but that is drifting!

Make sure you visit the Swedish Powerdrift Finals at Mantorp Park on the 29th of September!

Tokan Raidopower - SPDS #5 Gröndal Drift Arena (Photo: Christoffer Pettersson)

Tokan Raidopower – SPDS #5 Gröndal Drift Arena (Photo: Christoffer Pettersson)

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